Few Ways To Use Cauliflower That Aren’t Cauli Rice

Cauliflower rice is everywhere. It is becoming a popular trend not only for the health-oriented population, but also for households that are trying to include more vegetables in their diet. In particular, the increase in low-carb diets such as Paleo and Keto has encouraged people to look for substitutes for their favorite dishes. So, of course, take a packet of cauliflower rice to your local grocery store. It’s simple, simple and full of goodness. What is not to love?

If you jumped on the cauliflower rice train early, you’re probably wondering how to make cauliflower a part of your daily diet without making it boring. There are so many times that you can have a plate of Cauli rice. Here are 5 ideas to make it more exciting.

As A Flour Substitute

People who have actively tried to remove Gluten from their diet will already be familiar with this trick. You can turn ground cauliflower into an excellent flour substitute for pizza crust and homemade bechamel sauce. Gluten – conscious diet promote alternative to typical flour-based recipes. Coconut and chestnut flour are some of the most common options, but they can be expensive. You can easily make your cauliflower flour by throwing a raw head into your food processor.


Do you like a good Tabouli salad? The iconic Mediterranean salad is a delicious mix of flavors and Textures. The typîcal Tabouli (or Tabbouleh, depending on the Spelling) Salad contains fine Bulgur. You can also use very fine Couscous grain. But if you are at home in a pinch without a Bulgarian bag, You can exchange it for a head of cauliflower. Check out this cauliflower salad recipe, where a coarsely ground Cauli head replaces bulgur. It is much faster to prepare, because the grains do not need to be soaked before preparing the salad.

Like a grilled Cauli steak

Over the years, cauliflower has appeared in many Restaurants as a substitute for meat. In your local supermarket, you will probably find a prepared package of Cauli Steaks with spices. If you crave a simple approach where you are responsible for the Sauce and spices, all you need is a grilling pan (or oven) and some good practice cutting tips. When cutting cauliflower steaks, you need to direct the steam to the top and slide from the small sides. You’ll be left with the core, about 2 inches thick, making two deliciously juicy slices of Cauli steak. Reserve the small pages for other Cauli recipes.

As A Snack

These Cauli pages you’ve set aside can be turned into delicious hazelnut snacks for a relaxing evening. Cut into florets and grill in the oven with a little olive oil and a little salt and pepper. Let the flower turn brown and crispy for that inimitable nutty taste.

As a complete dish

There is nothing boring about a whole cauliflower dish. Many vegetarian Indian Curry recipes make it a main ingredient for a feast that suits a king. You can add your own baked chickpea Poppadoms for a complete gluten-free experience. Or you can just go with the classic cheesy cauliflower head and bechamel sauce. There is something so reassuring about all the gooeyyness in winter!

Are you bored with your Cauli rice? There are many more ways to turn a cauliflower head into an exciting dish full of flavors and fun. Hopefully these 5 tips can get you out of the baking rod!

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